Is it really that difficult App top men

To add a button that takes you to the most recent post in a thread on the app? You gotta scroll all the way down or enter the last post number manually? The fuck

This is on Android BTW

i see text that says “last reply”

clicking that takes you… to the last reply


You had to do the same on the last site as well. Press the button that takes you to the last page, then scroll down. Now, you press the post numbers, then scroll down. It’s not that different and not at all difficult.

I’m on my phone using browser and Jew theme. When I click on a thread, if I’ve already posted on it or read it, it takes me to the newest post I haven’t seen.

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Oh I just saw there is a candlestick slider that can be used.

*count dracula theme.

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You should learn how to internet.

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There is a slider that let you scroll to the very end.

wassup Pink boy

Click the reply button. Then the toolbar button. Then the quote button in top left.

I forgot to quote you