Is it unmanly to like pizza, pasta and fried chicken better than steak?

This thread restored my faith in humanity.

thanks, broseph. i’ve never smoked a ribeye before, but i caught a deal on the bone in and said fuck it. it came out medium to MW (because i completely forgot about it on the grill) but the extra smokiness made up for the hotter temp. next time will do it with prime. a bit tomahawk would be awesome!

anyway, cheers my faggot canukistan brother!

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What wood did you smoke with? I’ve never smoked a steak, I’d like to try it. I also need to try those damn shaved cured yolks.

Lol cheers cockfag

It is more unmanly to worry about what others think about the food you enjoy. I mean seriously how much of a man are you to only eat or do whatever by thinking first how others will feel about it.

This is something you learn to understand as you get older. I’m not going to stop eating, wearing something, listening to, or just in general enjoying something because someone else does not approve.

oak. pellets. i’m too much of a cockfag to do a real smoke.

i think the key is a thick cut (beep!) a cold steak, and an extra low smoke temp. smoking to medium rare is really hard if you’re using a typical 1.5" (4cm) thick steak. you want a thicker one and as cold as possible and a clean fire below 190°F in the smoke chamber. kind of a perfect pellet grill recipe.

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Cold smoke then sousvide is what I’ll try first

collaboration has made humans bigger, faster, stronger, and smarter. sometimes there’s a better way.

then sear?

also, the higher fat content of a prime steak will help too. more fat = longer cook time.

Calm down snowflake, we are only talking about enjoying the things you like for example food. We are not talking every single person has to learn how to create electricity.

It is communist idiots like you that can not even understand the term individualism.

communist? interesting. collaboration isn’t communist, it’s the heart of capitalism.

And your snowflake insult is all about individualism, dum dum.

Yep sear at the end.

I’m looking forward to trying this

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i look forward to the pics.

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Cheers EFM

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We really talking about Communism in here? lol

You filthy bastard Smiff, I’m erect.

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If I had to choose one food/ meat to eat for the rest of my life it would be beef/steak.

Yes, Pizza and Pasta are very feminine leaning foods. Most girls have Italian rated high, you’re a man, you should favour anything cooked in a pit which requires skill.

Pizza is feminine? It is made almost exclusively by men and we eat it with our hands like the cavemen.

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Had this conversation yesterday as steak is probably my 4th favourite meat. When out for dinner I’ll always go for something else while the mrs orders steak but for some stupid reason my food preference is somehow intrinsically linked with my manhood and therefore its assumed I am probably going to go home and get pegged after dinner. Society is number one bullshit

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anyone can cook a steak at home. i never order that out.

i always order the stuff i never make at home or is too hard to make/ source. ramen is one of them. i can make it, but it’s too much of a hassle and there’s a place down the street that makes it almost as good as i can for $10. fried chicken’s another. i can make it, but it’s messy and the fried chicken my grocery store sells (chester’s) is better and actually less expensive.