Is it unmanly to like pizza, pasta and fried chicken better than steak?

It’s always a tough call.

Steak is delicious but I liked fried chicken too.

Pasta and pizza though do not go above steak imo.

EFM, looks delicious and I’m sure the kids loved it since it was more on the well side. Try the traditional sear then indirect. Probably won’t get as smoky but you’ll get a more consistent rare.

Mesquite or hickory

What is that grill? Napoleon Prestige 500? I was seriously considering that model specifically. Heard very good things - and your steak looks amazing.

Ended up ordering a Masterbuilt Gravity 1050 because I had to have that charcoal heat for my Pittsburg rare taste preferences. That said look like you got an awesome sear.

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hmmm. that’s not a bad idea.

also, you don’t smoke beef with oak?

Napoleon Rogue 525SE

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The side sear station gets to 1800 degrees pretty damn quickly. I’m loving the grill

cheers sir

Damn man now you are making me think twice about the charcoal decision! Gas is just so convenient and frankly I hate cleaning out charcoal.

Cheers mate

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I picked up a charcoal tray accessory for the Napoleon that sits on top of the burners. You can use the gas to light it and then shut everything off and rock charcoal.

I’m super happy with my purchase…Was the cost of your grill around the same as the Napoleon you were looking at??

If you saved money by buying the grill you got you should dump that into a blackstone griddle. That machine is stellar imo

Cheers Sandman2

I can’t say one is better than the other and all are EQUALLY MANLY. I think my GF likes steak more than me though, and she loves fried chicken too. I probably like pizza/pasta more than her depending on the kind of pasta, certainly not that tarako crap!

I guess if I were FORCED to choose which I most prefer, I think I can eat pizza, pasta, fried chicken more often than steak.

I eat bologna more than anything. I also eat a shitload of oranges and drink a shitload of orange juice with pulp. Oranges Are probably 60% of my food and drink intake.

I very rarely eat steak. I’m poor. It’s self explainable.

see if you can add steak to your bologna packages like you do with Greens/Vegetables…paying for steak at bologna costs would be a sweet win!

Only slightly.

Meh, I don’t care to have it. If you don’t let yourself be wanting of the things you don’t have, then it don’t mean shit that you don’t got them.

Only meats I eat are deer, rabbit, squirrel and fish that I kill, and bologna that I buy.

I spend like 30$ a week on snacks and fruit. As long as my fall/winters of hunting are fruitful.

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I use that same philosophy with work…why try and get something better when I can just settle for 45 bucks an hour

I fucking love bologna btw

I got all I need and I’m happy. So why be less happy over shit I don’t care to have?

The less you have, the less you need and the less you want. The less you gotta worry about.

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to each their own obviously

Lmao is this a new smiffy?

You getting all high and mighty on me?

yeah, that’s exactly what I’m doing…

Yes but mesquite and hickory or strong in flavor so something small will soak up that flavor. Try a thick cut or skirt. You can go all the way to well done for some delicious tacos. Either way it smokes nicely, like a mini brisket but tender like a steak so you could go rare too and sear at the end.

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