Is it worth going to a live ufc event..

Baba O'Reily. Great song and highlight. Definately worth going to a live event, the atmosphere can be incredible.

My last was 178, the main event was insane. Phone Post 3.0

Those mentioning the atmosphere are correct. It can get electric. I will never forget the arena going crazy when Couture beat Tim Sylvia. It was deafening. I will also never forget the sound when Matt Hughes slammed Alexander Barros. It shook the ground.

You don't get that same feeling from your living room. Phone Post

Not anymore. Over priced for the product they deliver. Plus if you buy early who knows how the card will look by fight night with all the injuries that happen. Phone Post 3.0

Save your money and go to one in Vegas. Bet then watch the fights. So different than just wAtching.

My first UFC was in the nosebleeds. Still fun just because it was my first. Randy vs Big Nog. Great fight. Great fans.

Second one was in Vegas. Decent seats. TUF finale card, but betting on Kelvin and sitting next to his entire family made the event an awesome experience.

Last one was a UFN locally. Not as fun as the first two. Great seats...but shitty fans behind us sucked. Rich kids more interested in talking about getting laid than watching the fights.

Definitely worth it when there's a good fight (not necessarily good card). You can have some a-list fighters that don't deliver. Or you can see a war from some lesser known hungry fighters. Prelims are sometimes more fun than the main event. Phone Post 3.0

Depends. Are you ok with watching the entire event on the screen? Because you will be from there for sure. If that doesn't bother you go for it.

Ted Waltner - 
Frodo TeaBaggins -

The Intro is the best part before they go live. The best UFC highlights played with The Who- Teenage wasteland.

I was best friends with joe lauzons little brother dan so i went to most of joes fights. Usually in the  noosebleeds or decent seats and i would say it's defintly worth going at least ONE TIME.

i was at...


63 in ahaheim when joe knocked out pulver. that was epic.

The Ultimate Fighter 5 finale in las vegas

78 in new jersey

Fight night Lauzon VS Florian in colorado

Fight Night @ foxwoods when joe fought Chiesa.


So pretty much if it comes local to you just go it's worth the experience.
Teenage wasteland you say? Phone Post 3.0


But he's right in that when they play Baba O'Riley is probably the coolest part of the night

Really appreciate all the feedback. Thanks. Phone Post 3.0

Bluey's plz Phone Post 3.0

I went to 126, 136, and 166. I got floor seating at all 3. I loved the experience. The crowd gets really into it and you get to meet fighters in between fights. It is expensive but man I loved the atmosphere there. Phone Post 3.0

No because they never come to STL :( Phone Post 3.0