Is Jake Paul the most feared fighter of all time?

This isnt even a troll thread, nor an accurate thread. This is just you creating a stupid thread for no reason. What is the deal here?

Are you insane?

Are you in love with this man?

It’s not funny, it’s not true. It’s not even annoying. Why are you doing this?

Yes. He is lol he’s made over a dozen threads about him in the past year or so

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Bullshit Bs GIF by MOODMAN

The Paul bros have no business being that fuckin good at boxing with such little time in the sport.

The scary part is they can wrestle. They could piece people up in MMA too with just a couple years training.

Of all time? Has to be Tyson in his prime.
Right now? GGG, Usman, Chimaev, Makhachev, Khabib


He should fight someone who isn’t 15 weight classes below him.


Yes he is

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Or a basketball player or a former over the hill wrestler

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Fedor in MMA, Tyson in boxing. Kickboxing would be…Badr? Semmy?

Man trolls used to be creative on here. The fuck happened this place?

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Does his belly tattoo say “Gyno”?

And now Tommy fumbles backs down with a chest infection

Because the fear of fighting Jake Paul is more important than multiplying his net worth

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I’m a fan of Jorge but we gotta add him to the list:


Can you go to Reddit? You’ve been bumping this shit for days now and still no one. Take the hint.

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I will continue to update this thread every time someone ducks the most feared fighter of all time

Well do it over on Reddit, no one here cares about you’re latest obsession.

Nah, I think I’ll stay

Now you’re just coming off as creepy, go hit up Reddit and talk all day about you’re wierd shit. It’s bad enough no one like’s you’re post but to stay somewhere no one wants you. Come on now

Gna be funny when the “most feared fighter” (Paul) gets KO’D by a 50 year old version of most likely the REAL most feared fighter (Tyson).

Your trolling used to be sub-par OP, this is just sad.

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no because his fights are staged

next question

“His fights are staged”