Is Jeff Joslin coming back to MMA

I am just curious when he's going to come back and bust some heads. I think that him fighting Goulet right away would be pointless. He beat him the first time and was given a terrible decision. I don't blame Goulet, it was just disappointing to see Jeff's winning streak broken. I think he should fight some people other people and maybe when he gets back into the swing of things, he should challenge Goulet. I'd like to see him back in the championship road, he was doing well until he got dealt the bad decision.

I want to see him in the gi again. I saw him compete at the Arnold Worlds last year, and he was awesome.

He said he will be back in action this year. He has been nursing an injury.


Do you train at Joslin's?

I am simply trying to put a face/name to the forum Nickname/Username.




Ok, I won't say anything!


Evan (cough, cough) I mean ICE337, How's it going?

Haven't seen you in a little while. C'ya in class soon.


Evan I heard you are moving to California soon. If you will be anywhere near Santa Barbara you should check out Paragon Jiu-jitsu with Ricardo Franjihn Miller. Hes got some awesome students and is supposed to be an awesome teacher!

Best of luck man

Evan's moving to Cali???

yes at jolins and no I'm not Evan. The name is Lee

Lee-nas-the-penis!!!!! LOL


Are you tall Lee who does BJJ/SUB Wrestling/MMA/BOXING?

I am trying to picture who Lee is and I didn't think Lee that I know was on the forum.


no I'm 5'6". I usually do sub/mma but now I'm getting into the gi. I usually wear showdown shirts in class. I sometimes wear my ROF shirt too.

Hey Lee were you in the day class with Dave and Alex and Jeff on the 18th?


I know who Lee is, now I want to know who the hell the Kwanzanator is.