is joe lauzon on tuf 5 for real?

or is it a joke?

cus i aint seen the dude since bj picked him!

He's on. You see him on every show.

If you dont run around in a thong or generally make an ass of yourself, you dont get much camera time.

I saw him sitting on a couch last night.

Editing for ratings is a mutha.

I saw him sitting on a couch last night."

lol, that's the only time I've seen him as well.

He hit a dude in the balls WHILE the guy was holding a SHIELD.  That's all the impression he needs to make.

Shortly thereafter, I heard he told the cameraman, "What are you lookin' at?" and the cameraman has since refused to film him.

True story 

well he aint no dice-k huh?^

Fuck that, where's Gray Maynard?


gray also is missin?

the 2 best guys are not even being shown????

Gray was the #1 pick, and the only time I've heard him talk was about
when Manny was going crazy, and before Gabe got his calonic.

he keeps a low profile..

hes not like most idiots on that show

What's a little disappointing is that the antics might not get whittled away since everyone stays in the house.  I do expect that once they get into the later rounds they focus more on the top fighters than the guys who were eliminated, but who knows what could happen.  I'd be especially pissed if someone eliminated messes with someone who's still in it.

stttill waitin for lauzon the nerd.............

Obviously Joe and Gray make it far or they'd be showing them more now. If you haven't noticed they tend to spend alot of time on people that are about to be eliminated while they're still in the house.

Joe's words carry so much power that it can cause your head to literally explode. I have seen it happen. So they just limit his air time to just a quick glimpse here and there, so you can admire his ears. People only get mild head aches then.

maybe joe keeps sneaking out of the house to answer the calls of the commissioner gordon.



I'm in the background of every clip... just not trying to steal the spotlight.

You are doing an excellent job of that, Joe.

Andy Wang said about 2 sentences on the entire show before his fight in the last episode.