Is Jones fight really that big?

I keep hearing the narrative that Jones vs the champ is such a big fight. I don’t see it honestly. Yes it’s a interesting fight but I don’t understand the idea that this will break every record.

Do you think this is truly a mega fight?


I think the most dominate LHW in UFC history challenging for the HW title is a pretty big fight. Is it the biggest selling PPV of all-time? I don’t think so.


I think it is bigger than his other fights because people believe Francis can win and lots want to see him lose.

I dont actually know any Jones fans in real life.

I would bet it does like 700k buys.

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I agree.

The hyperbole around this is insane.

A relatively new guy who either KOs people fast or loses fighting against shitty person, constant drug cheat who has been fading over the years and arguably losing fights.

Ali-Frazier this is not.

Doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be entertaining to see, just eons always from the biggest fight of all time.


Yeah this ain’t the huge fight Jones thinks it is


It’s as big as the UFC wants it to be.

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i’ve been saying this since he said 10M isnt enough to fight Francis. Its a huge fight from a historical perspective, but from a money generating perspective, Jones just doesnt draw as big as he thinks he does. Has never hit 1M buys, ever. If he feels like its a huge seller, he should have no problem betting on himself like Conor does and get paid off PPVs…but instead he wants a ridiculous amount guaranteed because he doesnt really believe people will pay to see him fight

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Why is this so huge historically?

Why any bigger than DC winning both?

Historically Ngannou is nothing right now. Brand new champ. Jones is past his best days.

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Will do 1m to 1.2m buys. Maybe more if they stack the card…

probly 700-800k max

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This. Big fight, but prob not mystic Mac #s.

More significant than any Conor fight.

Because the greatest fighter of all time is going up a weight class to fight for the title against a scary fucker straight out of a comic book.


Disagree. JJ vs whoever is HW Champ is the biggest fight period.

UFC shills like Rogan and Cormier are telling us that Ngannou is going to be the biggest thing ever, yet neither of his fights against Stipe for the HW championship drew. Jones is a decent enough draw, but if his fights with Cormier, which were grudge matches couldn’t hit a million no way is a with Ngannou going to.

To each their own I guess.

It’s fun for sure, but Ngannou is nobody. He might be great one day, but not now.

In the decades I’ve been watching this sport, scary fuckers out of a comic book have come around a million times over. He needs to do more over time to be anything more than the latest muscular scary KO machine with a couple of very lacklustre losses.

I only watch Jones 'cause i want to see him get KTFO’d.

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Nah dude, Kongo looked like he came out of Rogan’s wet dreams, but he was anything but scary. Clinch and knee the balls. Nightmare for ratings, too.

let me C&P my old post:

Jones has the weaponry to beat Francis and in turn, Stipe has the tools to beat him which could be the start of a fantastic three-men-rivalry. That’s the epic storyline that can be kicked off one fight.

Stipe is durable enough to withstand Jones power and has solid fundamentals that will probably overcome Boney trickery at some point in 25 minutes. But this isn’t enough against Francis, Stipe is, simply put, too puny and is way too limited in his arsenal- he had basically no answers for the long distance kicking game of the new champ.
Jones is maybe the most technically varied champ, with an unmatched instinct for the nasty. He also has a fantastic reach and is patient. When Francis will be tired starting in the 3rd, he might make him look amateurish.