Is Jordan Peterson finished?

A few years back he was immensely popular and was doing the rounds debating feminists and others in the culture wars. He was incredibly effective and had a huge following for good reason. Then we heard that he was sick and in Russia getting off benzos. He’s been back for a year or so and hosting his podcast but he seems like a shell
Of himself . His intellect is still there but he seems very worn out and weak. His presence just is not what it once was. Is he ever going to get back to fighting the culture wars and battling the radical left?

Peterson, Mcginness and Milo were great at shitting on the insanity of the radical left. Who will take their place? I don’t see anyone with a fraction if their talent and ability

McGinness is fuckin great. I need to follow his social media if he has any that they let him on lol.


His daughter is a smoke show. Hope that helps.


Seems like all those new guys on the right have faded out due to social media bans. Also people are realizing that you can’t confront the left on their own platforms.


Gavin has his own show on Compound Media. A guy on YouTube uploads clips occasionally. Gavin is great. Very sharp and a great troll


Will seek it out, thanks.

Mikhaila is pretty hot but I find her to be robotic or in a hypnotized state of sorts most of the time. She does not have her dads Intellect or edge



I’ve heard he doesn’t want to do Rogans podcast because he just doesn’t feel he’s in a stable/good enough condition. I hope he pulls through and gets back into the swing of things, but even then I’ll just settle to have him retire from public media and get better to live a less stressful life.


Gavin started his own network, He’s worth the subscription. I let my Crowder subscription lapse.


This is a real problem for the right. They don’t seem to have the money or tech to compete in the culture war.

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Hmmm :thinking:

I fuckin might…

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Yeah she’s ridiculously good-looking. Her video content seems based on her brain/intellect, but every once in while she’ll do a video wearing a revealing swimsuit. Because that’s what ridiculously good-looking people do.

I think she said she’s moving to Tennessee in the last one I watched, don’t remember why. I don’t pay that much attention but I think she’s anti all the Covid restrictions.


I let my subscription lapse as his was the only show I could watch and 1/3 shows seemed phoned in and weak. Couldn’t justify it with my other subs.

It would be a hard life having to consider anything you ever say as nut jobs will look to disect every word and try to destroy you


I don’t think he ever really wanted to fight the culture war. I think he just saw something troubling going on in society and finally felt compelled to speak out. I don’t think he had any idea or expectation as to what that would lead to. I know he has said he made an “unbelievable” amount of money, so after getting sick he probably realized he doesn’t have to carry the torch anymore and is taking care of himself and going back to what he enjoys, which is helping people improve their lives.


Harder to lecture others on how to live their life after the benzos affair.


He had a long battle with finding the right treatment due to benzos being a completely fucked drug for some people who have major physical withdrawal problems. He immediately worked to fix a problem that he got himself into during his wife’s cancer fight.

I don’t think his actions were bad.


Let’s hope he is.

His personal life, sick wife and public speaking tour pretty much broke him. I hope he recovers more, but it’s doubtful . Once you break as severely as he did, you never come back to full form.

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