Is Jordan Peterson finished?

She’s not hot

That eye…

Here’s the wife…

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Another conspiratard! I hate both Libtards and Trumptards. This forums happens to be filled with Trumptards so obviously I’ll get labeled as a lib.

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So what’s your politics, freethinker? Head to

and tell us

Good catch…

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Jordan peterson is still putting content out, it’s just not very “anti-left” so it doesn’t get talked about. Jordan peterson is not the same as Milo (a troll) and I don’t know who McGuinnes is. He’s a clinical psychologist not a political commentator.


How did he ride trumps coattails?

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Yeah, great catch!

Is he finished?

His podcast is still going strong and his books are extremely popular.

He remains Canadas most influential public intellectual.

As for his daughter…in many ways she is what Peterson abhors, a person who has not earned her place through competence. She is attractive and has a famous parent and uses that to cover for her lack of education and experience. There is absolutely no reason to listen to her opinion on anything.

On the other hand Mikayla Peterson does seem to posess a shrewd understanding of social media and has capitalized on the oppertunity she has been given to turn herself into a Lauren Southern style celeb. She might be smarter and more entrepreneurial than one would think.

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See, this is where you and maybe even Peterson is wrong. Beauty IS competence for women. And that’s not a mysogynist statement. Nature and history do not indicate that female excellence has been adaptive behaviour.

Solid point IMO.

As long as she doesn’t pretend to be an intellectual I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her giving the podcast world a shot.

Wouldn’t make sense to hide the fact that her dad is famous…

Situational hotness syndrome.

In real life she’s probably a reasonably attractive girl with a wonky eye.

If you’re spending time alone with her and she comes into the sauna naked like this she’s a 10…

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Any healthy, non-retarded, non-insane, non-obese girl can be an nine or ten if she knows how to move and you’re horny.

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Are we sure some of the less-radicalized normal folks who enjoyed the right-wing celebrity intellectual grifters and provocateurs aren’t just bored of the shit at this point?

I can’t imagine tuning into it for years as a hobby.

san francisco fart sniffing GIF by South Park

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You just asked me to explain the statement which I explained in the statement I made.