Is Jordan Peterson finished?

You had 2 posts in 2008 and nothing until a few weeks ago. Why would anyone label you anything?

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Yeah I looked her up and thought maybe he has another daughter that they were referring to.

She’s not bad, but not a smoke show

He has a podcast, he just did one with Russell Brand. I don’t think he travels anymore though.

Shes obviously good looking, nice little body. But also probably being overrated since shes Petersons daughter.

I still get a kick out of Milo. The guy was sharp and a master troll. What’s interesting about him is the right had him ultimately canceled I believe for the pedo comments

Mcginess is similar to Milo but much more masculine and not gay . Go look up his clips on YouTube- he’s entertaining

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Mikayla doesn’t pretend to be an intellectual and her podcast seems to go ok but from the various episodes I’ve listened to— she hasn’t developed much of an identity. I don’t really know what her beliefs and viewpoints are.

She did have a guy on —AwakenwithJP who is a great content creator… watch his video on white liberals to start

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The AwakenwithJP one is the only one I a fully watched. I like that guy.

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LOL I thought LIBS were all Welfare Poors while the RepubliCONS were all RICH SUCCESSFUL TUFFS…and why don’t they have the tech…do they lack the EDUCATIONS LOL

Ha ha. Look who’s talking. He was no “provacateur”. He was just not letting all the leftist BS you love pass unchallenged, especially since he dealt with college students.

Oh, a debate of ideas, how provocative! Safe space time. Or better yet, let’s attack the man instead of debating points. Typical leftist bullshit.

yep, it smells of the typical TUF TALKING RwingNUT Hypocrisy and why it’s best to be humble and focus the man in the mirror which the LIBtards also need to do

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Did you mean to reference his primary message and disprove your own point there, or was that just an accident?

Someone lumped him in with Gavin and Milo above. Generally agree though.

But to be more specific to Peterson, whose appeal seems to be introducing some psychology and critical religious studies basics to hoopleheads and making them palatable as he waves a culture-wars flag to signal allegiance, do you ever grow tired of his shit?


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Peterson releases at least one podcast a week on his YouTube channel. How could you not figure that out on your own?

no I made my point which anyone of reasonable intelligence would have understood

Stop It Michael Jordan GIF

JP live on Steven Crowder now.


I bet he’s been working on an exit strategy and expect to see him leave Toronto and likely the country in the next few years.

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Peterson is awesome. Fuck a bitch who says otherwise.