is judo impt for bjj?

do you guys think judo is essential to be a good bjj player? in high level competitions like mundials and pan ams does judo experience play a factor in winning? Im curious to hear your opinions

Yes Judo is huge. It is the primary stand up used at BJJ World Championships today. If you have the better stand-up you have more options, you can start on the top via a throw or pressuring your opponent to jump guard, or you can pick when you wish to pull to guard. If you cannot stand with your opponent then you are forced to sweep or submit form the bottom. This means that if your opponent has a great top game you are in trouble. You can see this at the highest levels with guys like Saulo Ribiero (more BB World Championships than anybody), Fabio Gurgel, Jacare, Marcio Feitosa, Daniel Moraes, and Terere.

At the tournaments I have been to there are many guys with good top games but no stand up. So they are vulnerable to good Judo, and will be taken completely out of their game if they are on the bottom.

you should read mastering jiu-jitsu by renzo will answer your question.

It depends on what your game is - many Mundial and Pan Am divisions have been won by people pulling guard and not bothering to throw.

I don't mind people pulling guard in competition, at least it gets the action going quickly. What I hate is two people who don't have any wrestling or judo, pushing and pulling each other while standing up, hoping that the other guy will eventually fall over.

It would help, but you don't need to be good at judo to win bjj tournaments, even at the highest level. Of course, you must be a strong guard player.

I think top players who don't know judo or wrestling are in trouble b/c they have developed a great top game by training from their knees, but can't get their opponents on their back from the feet.

BJJ takedowns are just lame ass judo/wrestling takedowns......

yeah i agree with you whiskey9 about the bjj takedowns being weak.

I´m there with Stephen. Nothing worse than seeing two non-standup guys doing ugly standup...

I always jump cause i´m a guard maaann.... :)

Pan Am 2002, myself and a team mate both lost our first matches by advantage. Our instructor told me he was proud of me for pulling guard and forcing the fight. He chewed out my teammate for standing up the whole time trying to trip the other guy for 5 minutes.

Did your team mate have any takedown skills or was it "two non-standup guys doing ugly standup"?