Is K-1 MMA the next big thing?

Is K-1's new MMA show Fighting Entertainment Group (FEG) the next big MMA show? K-1 is already the biggest kickboxing organization in the world, they have an enormous amount of funding, contracts with the worlds best kickboxers who may want to cross over into MMA (Ex. Peter Aerts), and just held their first FEG show in Brazil a little while ago which was very successfull. In my opinion...within the next three years FEG will be the biggest MMA show in the world.

Really? If they have enough money to get Mike Tyson to fight, don't you think they have enough money to buy all of the good MMA fighters? If they have all the good fighters how could they not overcome Pride?

K-1 just signed Stevie Wonder to sing the American National Anthem for Bob Sapp at the main event of K-1's New Year's eve show. If they can pay Stevie Wonder to fly to Japan to sing at an event...they can afford any fighter in the world.

I have just posted three separate articles showing that K-1 has HUGE funding...and has the potential to become more popular than Pride.

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Rickson Gracie will be in attendace at the K-1 12/31 show which could lead to a major announcment.

Rumors has it that Gracie has potentially signed to fight for K-1 in his last fight before retirement in 2004.

This could get interesting as K-1 has a LONG list of potential opponents but don't be surprised to see a Japanese star to take the spot.


Stevie Wonder signed with K-1
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Yes, it's true. No he's not fighting Bob Sapp but he'll sing the U.S. national anthem for Sapp in the main event.


K-1 Winning the game??
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Sources are saying that K-1 is coming out the advance winner as far as ticket sales go. The company's first venture as a head-to-head foe against Pride is paying off.

PRIDE 12/31 Saitama Super Arena show is rumored to have 40-60% of the tickets left (not good news.

Inoki's Kobe Wing Stadium show is said to be int he same boat.

K-1's Nagoya Dome event is expected to sell out completely as more political boundries have been crossed and bridges are being burned.

Pride has taken a serious hit in the talent pool. Especially if lawsuits are to be filed against the likes of Fedor and others who fight for Inoki."

K-1 is not paying for Stevie Wonder to come to
Japan... he is currently touring Japan, playing in
Fukuoka tonight. They probably got him for

K-1 has a better chance of going mainstream than other mma organization in the world.

I think K-1 could be making some BIG waves in 2004, but the UFc will always be my first choice-they are the pioneers of the sport.

From what I was told K-1 wants to do MMA AND Kickboxing fights on every card from now on.

If K-1 does kickboxing bouts and MMA bouts with TOP fighters on every card, then I think people would like this more. I think that people would like it, if K-1 does not to anymore kickboxing/MMA freck show match ups.

Rickson retirement match? Isn't he already retired?

K-1 has more chance of ruining this sport than boosting it.

"K-1 has more chance of ruining this sport than boosting it."

How so?



"K-1 has more chance of ruining this sport than boosting it."

He's probably refering to the route K-1 has taken with their HW show. It has become a joke. Sapp is thier posterboy yet he can't win a fihgt without K-1's help, either allowing him to break the rules or giving him guys that are over 150 lbs lighter with no skill. Many of the knew guys they brought in are jokes. This whole Akebono thing, etc... K-1 used to be great. They had great fighters and every show was fantastic. Now that their top guys are real clsoe to retiring they haven't been able to bring in too many new elite guys to replace them. So they have taken the road of the specticle.

The K-1 Max is still great though adn shows that if they had the smae quality of fighters at HW that they have at 155 they wouldn't go the route of the specticle(IMO).

I don't know how often they are planning on having MMA events, or if they are just going to have a couple fights on each card. The truth is that at HW they are very weak. they don't have enough talented guys to attract fans, maybe this is a way to get more quality guys in the mix.



michael mcdonald won his 1st mma fight by ko. i'd like to know if he was against a decent grappler and details....