Is Karo still with Gokor?

I havent seen Gokor in his corner lately and at UFC 59 they said Karo training at 10 th Planet jiu jitsu.

i believe they parted ways (Karo ditched Gokor).

Don't think they have parted ways, he still goes there to train from time to time and even thanked them when he won. If anything, he is just being smart and training with other people to liven up the training again. Remember, judoka have no problems training with different camps all the time to expand their knowledge, its usually bjj peeps who get pissy over that.

A buddy of mine brought Karo in for a seminar. At that point, he said he and Manvel left Gokor's for good.

Eddie Bravo told me last weekend that he left Gokor's and was using Eddie's gym to train but wasn't necessarily a part of Eddies team or something like that.

Wasn't there talk of him trainingg with Tito at some point?


I thought he was training with Rand Couture?


after his last win the UFC, he did not thanks Gokor.  he did thanks gene lebell though.


manvel is still on Gokor's schedule of instructors.  i dont think he left Gokor

Interesting. Gene & Gokor definetely built a beast, he looks as crafty as Sakuraba to me, best for him to to have a diverse group of training partners at this point though.