Is Keith Wisniewski still active?

Haven't heard anything recently.

He got ripped off against Jason Black too.



man, motmw... you been ripping up the boards all day.

I am an anomoly!

I met Keith once at an after party dude was cool as hell!

also got jipped against Masvidal imo

Had a hell of a entertaining fight with Steve Berger!

Yeah that fight with Berger was amazing.

He did not get ripped against Prater. He did nothing the whole entire fight. Prater didnt do much either but not like Keith did anything to win that fight.

Im asking for an entirely different reason.

I can find out.

Please do.  I guess I could call his gym, I'm being pretty unresourceful.

I called one of his promoting friends and didn't get an answer.

I'll try later, ok?

Keith is still active. He was looking to fight at the last C3 event but his opponent pulled out. He's had a small string of bad luck in his last few fights, which most should have been considered victories, but he's still got fight in him lol. Plus he has a good job that keeps him busy as well.

I'm sure he will see the post and comment soon lol.


i had the honor of being able to referee his fight with Steve Berger. Neither of those dudes know how to quit.

best fight ever.


Jake, email me if you want his phone number.

I'm still active, although I'm looking to do some smaller local shows for a while. I'm an apprentice ironworker and I'm waiting until I finish my apprenticeship before I try to take any big fights. Although I do feel I've been on the recieving end of some poor decisions in the last few years, I've also been dissapointed in my level of training and performance. I'm going to try to put together five to eight fights in the course of the next 18 months here in the Chicago area. I'm also still involved in promoting. I co-promote a bi-monthly show in Chicago, and Justin and I are bringing the Duneland Classic back to Nothwest Indiana May 29th. Justin and I just bought a new gym in Hobart, IN. Duneland Vale Tudo has a larger fighter pool and more talent than we've ever had. If anyone wants to get a hold of me I'll enclose my contact info.

Keith Wisniewski

(219) 840-6998