Is Ken technical?

Ken always prides himself as being a submission expert. I was thumbing through his book today at Borders and it looked like he actually has a lot of technical knowledge. The man has trained what was at one time the best fight team in the US. His brother is considered one of the best ever. I know he trains with Erik Paulson as well.

With all that knowledge I don't know why he doesn't actually coach his TUF team in technique. They haven't shown a single footage of him getting in there and mixing it up with his kids. Surely he could've taught Jesse how to avoid an armbar from the guard. Tito's team is actually LEARNING technique.

Tito's stock is rising with this show and Ken's continues to drop. Anyway, just my 2 cents.

"I'm not that good at Jiu-Jitsu"

-Ken Shamrock

Well, he has been Technically Knocked Out by Tito and Fujita. So in a sense, yes.

and rich franklin

he does havealotta technical knowlege actually. hes probably shown the guys some stuff but it wasnt aired


Cooking a spaghetti dinner is more technical than leglocks.

He never really showed to be a great sub guy at the higher levels of the game. His best sub was that against Severn (guillotine). He almost had Frye tapped out with an ankle lock in their fight but Frye toughed it out. That WOULD have been sweet but both fighters gave it their all in that fight, no shit takin allowed there.

For all of Ken's antics, keep in mind that he was the coach for MMA's top team at one point so....



He looked technical in the Pat Smith fight...then we found out that was pretty much the extent of it. Catching noobs w/leglocks. I freaked out when Royce rolled up into mount(?) when Ken tried to sit back in Royce's guard and take a leg.

"stupid submission"

Ken cant spell Technical :D

kens scary technical.