Is Kid retired?

He's supposed to be training for the 2008 Olympics, right? Does this mean he won't be fighting MMA for the next couple of years?


for now he won't be fighting but he will return to Hero's after

there is rumor that a famous fighter in japan will be arrested soon, and some people think it is kid.

^^^ Big mouthful for a first post ^^^^


What pray tell are the charges against this fighter ?

it is drugs related.

first report was shukan fight newspaper. more reports in gryphon and other blog, also entertainment gossip blog.

personally, i think the sources not all are 100% trustworthy. but it is popular rumor anyway.

entertainment gossip blog says that the suspect has short hair, married, has children, good striker. many people think this sounds like kid.

i will try to keep eyes on this story on my blog. please check if you have the chance!

^ Phew! Its a good think it didnt say long, natural blonde, flowing locks.. I was thinking the Hawt One, Takayama.

daymit i hope kid isnt gettin arrested. not my KID!