Is Kimbo related to Rhadi?

I was checking out Wikipedia, to see how old Kimbo is, and I saw this:

"Kimbo Slice real name Kevin Ferguson (born c. 1976) is a Miami, Florida-based underground fighter. He has appeared in several bare-knuckle fights which have spread primarily on the Internet. Kimbo is the cousin of 2004 Olympic Judo contender Rhadi Ferguson.[citation needed]"

Obviously it needs some corroboration, but I thought this was interesting if it is true. Kimbo looks old for 31. Hard life ages you.

That is what this article says. Thought it was interesting.

Cousins, confirmed by Rhadi himself on here I believe.

"kimbo taught rhadi judo"

But Rhadi taught Kimbo Internet Marketing...

Wow they got some bad ass genes in that family.

The "chill dog" rule is actually an old judo rule.

I thought that Kimbo was the cousin of boxer Emmanuel Burton Augustus. Can anybody corroborate whether it's him, or Rhadi, or both?

Rhadi has been up at Wiki for a while now.

Rhadi has been on here and confirmed it

Just the other day I received this email from Kimbo Slice:

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Would you call me CRAZY?

WELL you know who doesn't? DAVID HODGKINS! 2004 Olympics STREET THUGGIN GOLD MEDALIST. He came to me with his Street Thuggin techniques good but not GREAT.

Blinded by the TRADITIONS he'd been taught.

Hell he even was a WHITE BOY back then!

But in JUST ONE SESSSION with me, he DOUBLED his BREAD!!! You read that right...


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So, yeah, I think they're related.

Thats funny as shit HHH.

I hate those Rhadi/Lloyd emails. I just got one from Rhadi for Grip Fighting. I read through all the garbage, and the fucker was almost $400 (which is half off of course. lol).

Never seen the two of them in the same room....

Same person imo.


All black people are related...



Can you imagine if Kimbo had judo thrown the eye pop guy into the metal thing? I would have died from the pure awesomeness!

Kimbo is going to hip toss Mercer into a living death.

I beleive Frank Trigg is his cousin as well.

Jeez - he's younger than I!?! He looks ten years old than least!

Rhadi is related to Kimbo??? Wow. Good combat genes in that family if true.