Is krause a good underdog bet?

I like this kiids attitude, i dropped 100 on em at +210 Phone Post

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Not that I know anything, but Krause would be a good underdog bet, IMHO.  His standup is strong, he utilizes combos and some really nice kicks, has good standing defense, and uses his length really well (he is tall for the weight class), and his ground game is very good (slick subs and improving wrestling), and he is always in good condition.  Me saying this has probably been the kiss of death for him, but I think he is being overlooked in this fight and matches up well stylistically.   Stout has more experience, especially big fight experience, but Krause has fought some tough guys in WEC, RFA, Titan,  and other bigger shows, too, so he shouldn't be too overwhelmed by being there tonight.



Thanks Fred!
Look for some new stuff from Krause tonight... Hopefully! He's been training for this fight a lot longer than the 2 weeks notice. Guy is in incredible shape right now and better than ever.
Def worth dropping some money on him tonight! Phone Post 3.0

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Krause has looked really good lately for RFA kids legit

Stout is tough and talented, for sure, and most definetly should be the favorite.  I just think that Krause matches up well, will make it tough for Stout to get in close and make him pay heavily when he tries.  At long range, Krause's reach and good standup could be an issue, even with Souts standup skill and experience.  If he hurts Stout and Stout takes him down, Krause has the advantage on the ground, IMHO.  If Krause backs him up and takes him down, advantage Krasue, again.  I don't think Krause will gas.  The kid is always working and improving.   I think that he is being taken lightly and/or overlooked and his skill set has gotten too good for anyone to do that with him.  

All that being said, I have an excellent history of being wrong.  Guess we will know before long.



ttt because I am usually not right.

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How much u get up? Phone Post 3.0

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How much u get up? Phone Post 3.0

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