Is Kurt angle telling the truth here

Via twitter - @RealKurtAngle: I keep telling my nephew Jon "Shane" that the cure for the Walkers is Milk! #IGuessTheyWillHaveToLearnTheHardWay

He's saying his nephew is Shane from the show the "walking dead" is this true? Or is Kurt angle just ranting looking for more attention? Phone Post

 He'll delete the tweet within 4 hrs and then come on tomorrow and say he didn't delete the tweet.

 From IMDB about Jon Bernthal


Erin Angle (September 2010 - present) 1 child

and from his wiki

Bernthal is married to Erin, the niece of professional wrestler Kurt Angle[3], and is the cousin of Adam Schlesinger who performs with the band Fountains of Wayne. He is the grandson of the late Murray Bernthal (1911–2010), an important musician and producer, long active in Syracuse, New York.[

beat me to it lol

Very cool then indeed Phone Post

The Walking Dead has already jumped the shark. Kurt driving a milk truck onto the set and hosing down the walkers with milk would bring that show back to life for me.
(no pun intended) Phone Post

 I just caught up with the first two episodes, it's already better then most of the first half of this season...I'm only tuning in because I want to see what happens with Shane and Rick...but the trio of love triangles is laughable...