Is Lake Mead drying up?


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Well they cut water from Powell. Its not going to replenish itself

Dryin up faster than your momma

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Gonna be real interesting. I’ve always been blown away there is enough water in the SW to support the ever growing population

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They are going run a canal from the Mississippi River to the Colorado River .

Mexico is going to pay for it .


Appears to be very much drying up:

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Is that the primary cause, or is it “muh climate change”?

It’s a regular theme in Vegas that the area is running out of water. It occurs every few years and our expanding population also helped too. One good wet, winter season in the Rockies will help to refill the Lake.

"Lake Mead on Jan. 1 is expected to fall to 1,065 feet elevation, 10 feet below its Tier 1 threshold and 25 feet below its drought contingency plan of 1,090 feet elevation. This is the first time ever that Lake Mead will have been managed under the Tier 1 shortage. The required shortage reductions are a result of Colorado River interim guidelines from 2007, the 2019 Lower Basin Drought Contingency Plan, and the U.S. water treaty with Mexico.

Under these agreements, Arizona loses about 18% of its annual apportionment of Colorado River Water, Nevada loses 7% of its annual take and Mexico loses 5% of its annual allotment from the river. California is not required to reduce its allocation of 4.4-million-acre feet under the existing restrictions."

If by help refill you mean not go lower, you might be right.

It’s all pretty crazy.
This drought is over 20 years old.

Powell is taking in twice the amount of water that it is letting out. It is also at it’s lowest level for this date in the last 10 years.

from its level about 2 years ago, the lake has dropped nearly 60 feet. in the past 5-6 years we’ve had both the wettest years on record in nevada as well as some of the driest. its barely rained in the region since mid 2020. the area needs rain, and more importantly, snow pack in the upcoming “wet” season.

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This is also a good read.

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