Is Lashley coming back ?Batista ever gonnn fight ?

 I wouldn't mind seeing either of them fight Herschel or Lashley could maybe even fight Valentjin , one takedown would be all he needs to get it done .

Considering the guy who "beat" Lashley by dubious standup has established himself as a heavyweight phenom, Lashley's 6-1* run has to be viewed in a very positive light.

The biggest travesty in MMA history is that Lashley's most recent fight was in something called a "Titan Fighting Championship." The Boss should be headlining UFCs, where he would undoubtedly be a top three PPV draw.

bobby is currently waiting for a flyweight to step up and fight him.

 Lashley did the right thing leaving Strikeforce, he wasn't ready for that level of competition and he will always have cardio issues because of the amount of muscle he's lugging around.