Is LHW The Next SF Weight Class To Go?

Lyoto Machida is now seriously considering going down to MW in the wake of his loss to Jon Jones.  Shogun was talking about it too, right after he lost to Jones.  And Dan Henderson has done more than talk about it, actually having extensive MW experience.  Forrest is talking about retirement.  If Rampage retired soon, that would shock no one.  Phil Davis, Alexander Gustafsson, Stephan Bonnar and Kyle Kingsbury could easily move up to HW if they so desired.

Zuffa may be left with no choice but to dissolve the Strikeforce LHW division, to repopulate the UFC LHW division.

And it's all Jon Jones' "fault" of course.

 I dont think that's gonna happen...  the high end may move over to the UFC but SF will keep that division because the market can supply the talent (something it cant do with HW).

besides, SF doesnt even have anybody real at LHW yet...  Gegard is a MW...  King Mo is a MW.... 

Rashad will likely also drop to MW once he loses to Jones.

MMALOGIC -  Rashad will likely also drop to MW once he loses to Jones.

Are you just trying to be nice to me? LOL

Well don't bother trying to appeal to my better nature, since I don't have one! LOL

For everyone around here who knows me well knows that I want three things to happen in 2012: The Eagles to fire Andy Reid, the Eagles to hire Bill Cowher, and Rashad to move down to 185.