Is Lindland Still Coming To London

Hopefully Shawn Geris can clarify this, but Matt Lindland is fighting Tony Fryklund in Hawaii on May 7th. I would assume this means the chances of him being in London with Couture on May 8th are pretty slim. I spoke with Harry Geris about this already and he said he would look into it, but I haven't spoken with him since. It's a shame if Lindland can't make it to London, but as long as Randy is coming, I won't complain. On a side note, Hendo would be a nice addition to seminar :)

No need to painic Matt Lindland will be in London, Ontario for the May 8th and 9th seminar at Carling Heights Community Centre. Matt will be flying into Canada right after his fight! If you have any questions or concerns about the seminar please contact me directly at or via phone 647.226.2998.


Shawn Geris

Now thats a warrior

yeah that is pretty tough, good to hear he is willing to fly in right after a big fight like that.

Tell Lindland to bring video footage of his fight so we can all watch!