Is Lindsey Graham Gay or on the down low?

Here i was thinking it was too early to be done with the internet for the day.


I wasn’t ready to read this.

Sorry guys!! I wasn’t ready for that shit a couple yrs ago.

Now, every time I hear the word ladybug, I fucking cringe.


Lol I think you’re naive. Fucking guy is a deviant sicko.


He’s a fag. Just like Obama…


He gives nothing, he takes

His first name is Lindsey…


He’s in the middle of a sex change.

For the last 40 years.

He the exact type of gay guy most people “want”.

He’s gay, everybody knows it, nobody talks about it much, nobody cares.

He def sounds like fa… gay gentleman

The reason she had to apologize is because Lindsey Graham introduced the abortion bill to assist the Democrat candidates in the upcoming election. The media is supposed to attack the Republicans and not Lindsey on a personal level. Whoopi stepped over that line by implying he was gay. Since when, in the last 6 years, has anyone in the mainstream media had to “apologize”/“say it was a joke” when addressing a white male Republican. The “Lindsey Graham Abortion Bill” is phony because it wouldn’t even get out of the senate and Republicans have been saying this should be decided by the states. Its only purpose was to create talking points for the Democrats and the media like The View. Lindsey Graham is a fraud.