Is Lopez over looking kambosos?

With all the talk about the possible rematch with Loma , do you think the Lopez camp is over looking kambosos? Also do you think kambosaos has what it takes to upset Lopez ?

Seems a little bit like it, with the state of the division teo needs to focus on having a big performance to set up a fight with one of the other 4 big name LW

I think so, esp with the rumors of bad ticket sales etc. a lot going on behind the scenes there. Teofimo isn’t exactly a draw yet and as much as he doesn’t want to admit it, he needs that 2nd Loma fight to put the stamp on the first win although I’m not so sure Lopez will be able to win vs Loma the second time around. He fought a good fight but that’s mostly because of Lomas own inactivity the first half of the fight, not really due to anything that Teofimo was doing.

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Pulling for a kambosos upset, but I think the power differential is going to be the difference.

I think Teo moves up in weight before Loma gets a chance at a rematch