Is Lorna Shore the greatest DeathCore band of our time? (lollapalooza)

Yeah. I don’t think any of those guys are still in the band

It’s amazing how many people can be so wrong about shit and yet be so confident about it.

Lorna Shore are amazing on every level, especially musicianship and songwriting.

If you don’t agree you are simply stupid or a dick head probably both.

Best band out there by a long shot.

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I mean they are definitely very talented, I think only dickheads and/or elitists would argue that. It takes a high degree of skill to do what they do. But saying they are the best band out there is completely subjective.

Fair enough… I was rage typing.



Sorry, I’m a fucking fanboy. Johnny Booth is fucking amazing.

Yes, yes, I know it’s NYHC and not metal-metal.

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Also, in case anyone hasn’t heard Z&A…

Never heard anything quite like these guys.

Thats nyhc? Lol

I can get down with this. Either way it’s still metal and rips hard.

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This looks pretty insane


The production on their last LP is amazing.

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Sounds like metal to me. LOL It actually reminds me of Soilwerk and Spineshank. Who I also consider metal.

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Check out this live version of that song. It’s even better than the studio version, and the one guy with the haircut (you’ll know which one) absolutely kills it.

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lol this shit fucking sucks

If you don’t know, you don’t know.

Just listen to shit you like then.

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Some of their shit still holds up very well. I remember they were opening for FF on their first major tour. Poor kid blew his voice out screaming, “give it up for FEAR FACTORY”.

Oh yeah, this one is on my daily playlist.

As is this:


Hardcore band from NY.

Haven’t really checked them out before. Will do now

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Been listening to a ton of Lorna Shore this week.

The more I listen, the more I absolutely love it.

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