Is Manon Fiorot the least known #1 contender in UFC history?

She is 5-0 in the UFC and I’ve never seen her fight as I watch most UFC besides PPV on a delay so I can fast forward as needed.

Read somewhere she did not want a Shevchenko title fight yet despite she is ranked #1 and that was the first time I heard of her.

Crazy to have never even heard of a #1 contender and surprised they don’t even want a title shot right now when they can get it.

This has to be the most unknown #1 contender in UFC history, right?


The first word in your article is “she”, I stopped reading lol.


She’s actually one of the more interesting contenders at that weight class. I bet less people knew about Talia Santos leading into her title fight.


Was this before or after slapping your wife?

Only saw one or two of her fights, but impressed. She’s awesome I believe. Do not like wmma at all, but, plenty of exceptions and I think she’s one.

Also heard good things about her.

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I’ll watch her next fight then. I watch almost all the UFC WMMA title fights and a lot of #1 contender fights. Not like anti-WMMA, just can only do small doses.

Small doses… its like with Bellator, I don’t miss say a Fedor fight or a Pico fight or the Grand Prixs but I’m not watching Bellator for four or five hours in a single day. The average Bellator card makes me want to watch the top two or three fights and thats about it.

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I’m pretty sure she is only considered a top contender because Valentina has beaten the entire division. Fiorot was getting hyped up as something serious, but she looked pretty pedestrian her last fight, after easily stopping the some of the unranked ladies.

It’s wmma. C’mon man.


is she the first ufc #1 contender that turned down a title fight?

Machida turned down a fight against Jones when Hendo got injured.

Megan Anderson turned down a title shot against Cyborg.

This place is brutal… and also the very reason that keeps me coming back


Please, list your phone book long list of groundbreaking, MMA pioneering, male counterpart overshadowing fights :pray:t2:

Women’s MMA is boring, plain and simple. The already shallow talent pools have been spread thinner over more weight classes, and their capabilities are nowhere near as impressive as their penis totting, trendsetting, chemically imbalanced, self destructive, male trail breakers.

Act up again, I’ll hunt you down with a rented birthday clown and have the clown hold a gun to your head while I blow him and you watch, sobbing.

Your choice :man_shrugging:t2:

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Exactly how I watch

Arguably so. Most of her fights have been on the early prelims of Fight Nights. Most aren’t glued in during early prelims, especially if it’s a WMMA bout.

Confused James Franco GIF


I watched her take a shit one time

Never heard of her

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Get rid of women’s MMA in the UFC


A lot of the really early Pride fights are boring as shit. I was a kid tracking down old pride DVDs and when I found Pride 1 I was super stoked, and I will never watch it again because it was boring as shit.

I think the problem is the girls in general don’t have the skillset to be as compelling as the guys in some ways, but have all the knowledge of how to legally stall under the current ruleset.

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WMMA needs to go. It’s terrible and the majority of people aren’t interested.