Is Matt Hughes done?

or will he fight one more time against Dennis Hallman?

 Lol... and I got raged at for saying he wasn't as good a fighter today as he was in his prime like 2 weeks ago because "his well roundedness makes up for his loss of strength" or something along those lines.

I'd say right now Hallman takes him again with some random submission. Because well... its just inevitable. But he has a few fights left in him. P4P he is still ahead of Chuck/Tito and they don't seem to want to quit.

Hallman vs Hughes 3 makes sense now

They'll do Hughes vs. Hallman 3 and either way I think it'll be Hughes' last fight.

Hallman vs Hughes is a must see fight. No doubt about it.

I don't think he is done at all, he just got caught. Shit happens.

He just got blitzed by BJ, could happen to anyone really. I don't think it tells us much about what Hughes has left really. I think the days of him holding the belt are done, but I also think he could beat some guys in the Top 10 as well. It would be up to him whether he wants to be a gatekeeper of sorts, get some legacy type fights or call it a day.

No way Hughes gets in there with Hallman IMO

joe bruce - Hughes wasnt completely out in this fight anyway ,he couldve kept going.

 For a 09 you sure do post like a 10er!

hallman has hughes number...

it's not going to look pretty... no need for this hallman is already 2-0...

Maybe they give the feed him another up n coming gracie...

not a good fight after a qiuck ko loss.i say hughes/karo

not a good fight after a qiuck ko loss.i say hughes/karo

Hughes/almeida 2 or Hughes/Serra 2...his Serra fight was real close and both fighters have a big following... Phone Post

plus Serra and Almeida both Gracie "family" fighters so there's a little drama... Phone Post