Is Mayhem the New Sakuraba

The Kid definately has his fighting spirit, and Charisma. But when I watch him fight he just reminds me so much of Saku. No matter what possition he is in you know he's gonna keep fighting, and no matter how bad the situation is you always feel like your just waiting for him to slip in a nice sub. Now don't get me wrong this is no way meant to be dissrespectful of Sakuraba he's an absolute legend and one of the greatest fighters of all time. But I just think with Mayhem's fighting style, popularity, and Chrisma he could be the New Saku for this post T.U.F. generation... Discuss

Maybe but sak seems more "cool"
Mayhem comes off as more goofy

been sayin this for a while. they share the same spirit.

Two of my all-time favorites!

I posted this on another thread, but it's worth repeating.

as a Japanese/ American raised equally in both countries, I can say with confidence that MaYhEm would be HUGE in Japan with his antics & fighting style.

my $0.02

There is just one Sakuraba.

Similarities, definately.

We dont have enough guys like these 2.

add a dash of Genki as well.

he's done a lot to pay homage to genki, he's not trying to rip him off.