Is METAVERSE basically AnimalCrossing/2ndLIfe?

I’m a HeadLines Guy…I just do a quick scan of the HeadLines but I’m not Hooked-Up to the Kool-Aid Drip so most of the time I’m a bit oblivious to the Devil in the Details

Is the METAVERSE basically just like those games Animal Crossing or 2nd Life? And I’ve never really played either but because I’m a HeadLines Guy I am aware of them.


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so the Metaverse is like the Facebook while 2ndLife is like MySpace? Same thing but one gets pumped for some reason or other?

But gayer and more lame.

a diff interface for what we already do. in the near future the next gen of kids will look at us like we’re drawing cave paintings.

And the generation after that will be drawing cave paintings.
Since the no one will remember how to build or fix anything.