Is Miami Florida BLUE or RED?

which way does it swing?

I was there for a short time on vacation and thought it was a really cool city!

It was probably purple when DeSantis won now I think it’s swinging more red but who knows

Used to be deep blue now purple to red

The whole state has watched the rest of the country fall apart while, we pretty much maintained normal life. This was purely due to DeSantis.

I think that alone has made florida a very red state, and definitely made the population centers move from purple to red. My worry is when the strong leadership moves on who takes the reigns?

It is worth noting lot of that push to conservative values is coming from minorities who were finally getting ahead financially under trump, and the covid refugees who found freedom.

Cubans are very conservative for the most part, but the Yankees brought their shit liberalism from up north.

It’s purple.

Solidly purple

The cubans and israeli jews keep it that way .if not the blacks and non-cuban immigrants would sway it blue