is Mike Brown still in the UFC?

Just curious.


Lol Phone Post

I think he retired ... Phone Post

Signed a new contract a few months back.


Is this due to his tweet earlier?
He was joking about Mike Brown the basketball coach
But yes I believe he's still fighting along with coaching at ATT Phone Post

I thought he retired, and more recently hot a job as coaching at att( there was a thread on it) Phone Post

Nope, he's still an active UFC fighter, guys.

Lakers fired him. Dont know why they ever hired him

He retired after the PiƱeda fight. Phone Post

Mike Brown OF THE UFC is not retired. Mike Brown OF THE LAKERS just got his ass fired.

Mike Brown has made up his mind. Retirement will have to wait. 

The UFC featherweight, who had contemplated hanging up the gloves after his last fight, has elected to keep fighting and has signed a new five-fight extension with the UFC. 

Brown (26-8 MMA 2-3 UFC), a former WEC featherweight champion, on Tuesday announced the news on his personal website. 

Brown said after years of dealing with injuries and fight-related fatigue, he thought this past May the time had come to retire. 

"The last couple of years were kind of rough on me," Brown stated. "I had lots of injuries and I was feeling fatigued during training and fights. When you feel like this it takes all the fun out of being in the cage. I was starting to think that was going to continue."


This joke has given me a headache. Damn you, Lakers...

The funny thing is,even though I WAS aware of the Laker coach being fired,that is NOT why I thought of this.

Someone made a thread about Cruz,and that made me think of Faber,and then Brown.


That someone was me. Damn whisper talker has me going crazy atm...

I though Mike Brown did retire and took a coaching job with ATT. Glad hear Mike didn't retire since I like seeing him fight. Phone Post