Is my day ruined?

I slept a bit late this morninig, so my coffee wasnt done brewing before my morning dump was ready. So instead of cup of coffee=>dump=>second cup of coffee, my day is now dump=>2 cups of coffee.

I am worried my whole day is going to be off kilter.

Your life is ruined. Phone Post 3.0

Just put a pinch of silly yum husk between your cheek and gum every 20 minutes throughout the day.

Irregardless of your current comfortability it will definitely improve your day. Phone Post 3.0

Masturbate, fall back asleep, wake up and try again.

It seems ok - my bowel is relaxed and comfortable.


But your hair looks good

Could be worse....Some ppl wake up to cross fit.

The only hope you have of saving your day is to jerk it to tranny porn at least twice before you leave your house. Or your entire day is fucked. Phone Post 3.0

for sure one thing is true, wont be lifting legs today!

1st world problems...

My lunch is now also of schedule, I am just eating now Phone Post 3.0

This.. made me laugh. Luckily, I am on schedule for the day.

2 cups of coffee in a row? Even separated by a timely dump, that's a lot of jitters for me. Phone Post 3.0

Game over bro Phone Post 3.0

You should take a nap to reset.

I think I heard about you in a video.
2 coffees 1 dump. Phone Post 3.0

SnapLocally -

Masturbate, fall back asleep, wake up and try again.

Someone told you my secret to success. Phone Post 3.0

Now what time do I have dinner?

Im all in a tizzy.

On behalf of OP's bowel, I am very, very angry and will have my revenge.