Is my mother board fried?

A few days ago I turned on my computer and heard a "VWOMP" noise and then smelled burning. I replaced the power supply and connected the mother board, cd drive, and HD and turned it on. Well the green and red lights by the power switch came on and the cd light came on but then the HD started to smoke and burn.

I know the HD is toast (because of the smoking/burning) but is the mother board toast as well?
The green and red light by the power switch are attached to the mother board and they came on so I dont know what to think. The CPU fan never came on though.

Do I need to buy a new mother board?

hmmm, if you're on a computer with a highspeed connection (or if you just have the time to wait), download one of those live Linux CDs, it lets you run Linux from a CD in your system's RAM. Just download the file (usually .iso), burn it to CD, then boot from the CD in the system. If it boots fine then the motherboard seems ot be working (yes there are things that can still be wrong with mobo, like you might not notice that the onboard sound is fried...assuming you have on board sound and use it, but that's just an example).

Also, if the iso doesn't work, you also should look at if it's your RAM before assuming it's the motherboard.

As for a Linux Live CD, I suggest Knoppix, however you can find others that are smaller to download.

Anyways, it's just a suggestion for testing the system until you put in a new hard drive

Doesn't the bios screen or whatever appear when you start a computer that doenst have a HD installed?

open case, look at ur board, any capacitors bubbling up?

get PCCheck and run a mobo test or bring it to a PC shop and have them try another board