Is my PC laptop gonna be OK? Upgraded RAM...

from 8GB to 16GB. Acted all funky at first. Crashing randomly. Took it back out, put it back in. Reset Windows for the heck of it and it was hanging up while doing that. Had to leave so left it off for a few hours. Next time I tried it, Windows started up and it worked fine? Started up off each RAM chip individually to see if one was defective. Both worked.

The more I use it the more it seems to be working OK. WTF? Is there a break in period for new RAM? I hope the shit works from now on. i7, 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD. It could be a beast.

You’ll be fine, relax bruh 

"You’ll be fine, relax brush"

You really think so or are you just saying that?

Something, something, bag of rice

Run a test on the new ram. Sounds like one is defective.

I think memtest86 has a windows module nowadays

What version of Windows?

32 or 64 bit?

Also, try this:

Thanks bros. Tried both of those methods and they said no errors. This laptop is rated as 8GB max, but from researching online other users said it works with 16GB of a specific RAM. Maybe it works, but becomes less stable.