Is my wife retarded? (No pics)

So, over the weekend me and my wife are driving (I'm driving, for safety reasons) and it's starting to look cloudier than it was earlier. I mention that maybe it will rain. This was her response:

"Are those rain clouds, or regular night time clouds?"

I'm like WTF... You think it's dark at night due to night time clouds? Seriously?

She got quiet then....

For the record, she has a masters degree, a good job and is petty awesome overall so don't think I'm being mean frens...

But wtf are "night time clouds"?! Phone Post 3.0

Well, she did think it was a good idea to marry you so....

I kid. Wait, didnt you almost die of hypothermia in a car? Phone Post


No, but apparently you are

"(No pics)"

Just kidding

But seriously, pics???

Wait, so it's not clouds that make it dark outside?  Sometimes the clouds move away and u can see the sun.

I had a master's degree once. Won it at Pizza Hut.

what part of the country are you in?

in Ohio, in the fall (especially October for some reason) i've noticed sometimes the sky gets all cloudy before sundown.

don't know if its an Ohio weather thing or just coincidence but, for your sake, i hope that's what she meant.

what time of the day was it?

If she has a vagina, intelligence is not her strength. Phone Post

Lol. Id lol to think your trolling but no one could make thy shit up. I would push it further or I'd be a cunt and every sundown just mention (seriously) oh the night time clouds are coming in.

Also, post pics. She has to be hawt to say something that Fuken stupid. I'm guessing nice tits at least Phone Post 3.0

If it rains at night does it blow her mind?

Most women can't think on their feet. Phone Post 3.0

If it was night time and there were clouds then they would be night time clouds.

There's even a song about them.

"Night time clouds and my memory

She wanted out so I set her free

Oh oh night time clouds my memory" Phone Post 3.0

Maybe she realized what she said was fun and just shut down? Phone Post 3.0

I once had a g/f that had 2 Masters Degrees (microbiology and chemistry).

she was prone to saying stupid shit like that too

"My wife and I", not "me and my wife".

Anyway - maybe she was talking about them looking dark. Sometimes at night it's hard to tell if they're storm clouds, or if it's just because it's dark out. Phone Post 3.0

I support your wife. Phone Post 3.0

What's your wife's number?   I will tutor her in meteorology so she will not make this sort of mistake again.

the clouds are always darkest before the dawn, fren.  

Mookie 3:16 -

Wait, so it's not clouds that make it dark outside?  Sometimes the clouds move away and u can see the sun.

Is this guy your wife's brother? Phone Post 3.0