I have yet to see this layout...

one does wonder how they decided to make the switch on April Fool's Day?

Am I the only one that doesn't see a new lay out?

I see nothing.

i see nothing diff


"Am I the only one that doesn't see a new lay out?"

are you blind?

are you joking?

you can't possibly be serious?

you don't see a difference?

Don't you hate it!!!!


you're trolling!!!!!!!!!

(actually, it was up earlier, not anymore, so this is just the old layout)

I do think it might have been a joke (or at least I can HOPE SO)

The new layout was up for a few minutes and some people who were on at the time got to check it out.

I know a lot of hard work is going into it, so I hesitate to say this, but it's freaking hideous. Colors are terrible, it is way too busy and I hated the layout of the forum.

This site the way it is now is 10 times better than what they will be switching to, IMO.

I'm not seeing it even after going to that link. It just sends me back here.

This time the link actually worked for me...before it was just linking me right back to the UG...

I think it looks pretty frickin sweet.

Whoa, now I see the new site! It looks fuckin' sweet!

The link may be working now and then. Just keep clicking on it and see if it takes you to the layout.









For all those confused, click on the top thread in the UG and read what Krik has to say. Explains what is going on. Come on...

The link worked for me. I like the old format better.

I like the newer new layout. It's so old layout.

Get rid of the fucking drop down menus that activate when you roll over them with your mouse. My god I roll over them every five fucking seconds and every damn time a new thread comes up.

I'm digging the Tito head that comes up when you type profanity