Is Nick Newell Marketable?

Many UFC newcomers have been marketed as having an amazing record.  No doubt some are padded.  

Either way, by the numbers, Newell's record is 15-1.  Sounds impressive in a promo, particularly to casual fans who will never look up the level of his previous opponents.

Don't people love an underdog?  Would not the haters even want to buy the PPV to see him lose? 

If he won, even if he needed favourable match-ups to do so, would that not build huge publicity?

You'd think a one-armed fighter winning in the UFC would go viral.

Why has the UFC not shown interest in Nick?




As a long time die hard fan and former competitor I respectfully ask... who? J/K but my point is: no. He’s not even really well known among die hards for being a great fighter. Obviously he’s got a good record and a good story but I think his overcoming adversity isn’t enough for people en mass to overlook their own discomfort. Sad truth. Now if he proves to be a great fighter nothing else matters. Who’s got some clips to post?

The one legit fighter he fought DESTROYED him. If he truly wants to be in the UFC he should beat a legit former UFC fighter in a regional show....or win the LFA light weight title.

Or go to Bellator and beat some legit contenders there.

Instead, all I see is HIM and HIS fans BEGGING on IG and FB for a chance.

seems to me a one-armed fighter in the premier organization would get some mainstream media attention.


nkt saying he would necissarily do well,but it just seems to me he would get some attention


the UFC regularly brings guys on who have no distiguishing features...Nick has something about him that would set him apart

I think he should be allowed the opportunity to fight in he UFC and prove his worth. Loads of guys with a poorer record got in. IMO he's done enough and then some. If he loses then fair enough but give him a chance.

Just saw a thread about Newell vs CM.


Makes sense.  Legitimize Newell.  Build him up.  I personally think people would get behind him.


As someone pointed out here, guys with poorer records than Newell have got in to the UFC...CM Punk for example.




The best would be if he did well in the UFC, then went transgender.

UFC or Bellator should sign him.  He would be so easy to promote it's disgusting.  Have him do the talk show circuit and put him on a big card against someone on the way out the door.

As someone who has worked in the media (including mainstream media) for 20 years, my opinion is he is insanely marketable. Look no further than what's going on with Shaquem Griffin in the NFL right now. People love inspirational stories.
On a related note, I've written about Newell numerous times and believe he deserves a chance to compete in UFC.

Marketers wet dream. But what happens if they put him against a low tier fighter and that low tier fighters viciously ko's him. Wouldnt be a good look for the ufc. But i would give him a shot. Newell vs Ido Portal, take my wallet Dana. 

He should use the nickname "slots'

He is the Daniel Inouye of MMA

Fuck yes.

quality - 

UFC or Bellator should sign him.  He would be so easy to promote it's disgusting.  Have him do the talk show circuit and put him on a big card against someone on the way out the door.

UFC will never sign him. The stigma is too great. You know the mainstream media will go apeshit over this and it will not reflect well on the UFC long term. Imagine if he loses, they won't stop blaming Dana and the UFC for letting an amputee get beat up. I'm sure Nick is a great guy and talented considering his handicap but it's just not gonna happen.

No big promotion with skin in the game would go within an arms length of him. The risk is too great.


Phone Rizin.