Is Pele in Canada?

I read that he was at the bodog weigh ins.

Where's he training?

Toronto Indoor Soccer Club.

I am going out to watch him play.

I'm referring to the World's greatest Brazilian Soccer Player PELE !!!!!

you know I wanna say Pele Landi but common sense tells me it was Eric Pele

Eric Pele was down at Universal MMA pre Bodog fight training.

if its the soccer player, he'll be over my place for christmas. my dad will fly him over from santos

pele landi has been here recently as well, teaching at fortress

Yeah!!! how was training with him......Jose Landi that is

I train with quite often. It's grrrrrrreat!!!

Both "Big" Eric Pele who fought Antonio Silva, and Jose "Pele" Landi Jons where in Vancouver.

"Pele" Landi Jons actually cornered Rob Valek in the firs t fight of the night at Bodog.

Landi Jons was helping some of the Revolution guys and Kalib Starnes told me he is helping him with his Muay Thai, which is unreal I am told.

Fuck he should come to Winnipeg we got some good stand up and MMA fighters that would make for fun training sessions.

I have had the oppurtunity to do some work with him and yes his stand up is unreal and he is an awesome coach to boot.

send him to WPG!!!

Man Pele rules!

Wasnt the MFS place in Vernon saying that Pele Landi Jons was coming to train there in the new year?

I thought that also, that's kinda weird since Pele had some beef with MFS, but that was ages ago