Is plagiarism a sin?

Just wondering. For example, lets say me and a few of my friends took some old stories that have been around for a long time, and we changed the names of the characters and a few minor parts of the story, would we go to hell? Would god frown on this kind of thing?


Do you really expect that anyone here knows what is going on inside God's mind?

One of the basis of the learning process is imitation.

I guess plagiarism is a form of stealing, perhaps. I guess it depends on the angle you take on it. I suppose blatant plagiarism is also a form pride. You are trying to look smarter than you are, by stealing someone's work.

However, if you are providing references, I guess it's not plagiarism.

Also, if you are working in collaboration with others as part of a team, I don't think the word plagiarism is accurate for the usage of another's work.

Satan jr,

aren't you going to hell anyways? :)

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The concept of plagiarism didn't even exist in biblical times.

Ideas of textual ownership are very different in oral cultures than in literate cultures.

In fact current notions of authorship and intellectual property didn't begin to solidify until 1710 with the Statute of Anne (and that was to protect publisher's rights, not author's rights).

Plagiarism itself is often poorly defined and many things that are considered plagiarism in academia are perfectly legal and normal in the "real" world.

Theft of intellectual property may be illegal (and possibly a sin), but there are strict laws concerning IP. There are no laws that define plagiarism or make it illegal. Sometimes "plagiarism" falls into copyright infringement, sometimes it doesn't.

As to what God thinks about plagiarism--I don't know. The bible does not address the subject, as the concept (as we know it) did not exist at the time the bible was written.


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