I can't find SHOCKWAVE on DirecTV. Will they be showing it???

Hey you're right. That's kind of scary. But on the Pride site, on the shockwave poster, it has the DTV logo. I wonder why it's not on the DTV PPV events page though?

Does the listing even go up to sunday? It'll be on PPV Jan 2nd. I've seen the TV ads.

me too, when and how can I order it???

Nacirema is right, the latest PPV event they have listed is Dec. 31. There are no listing for Jan. PPVs on that section of thier site yet.

Does anybody know if it will be on INdemand? I only have comcast cable.

DirectTV is not carrying it due to some kind of conflict but it is being shown on Dish and all others.

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it better be on direct tv. I swear I have seen commercials for it.

ive seen the add on directvs ppv channel, where they show whats going to be on ppv during the next two weeks or whatever, so unless something has changed recently.. it will be on directv, it should also be on indemand cable.. i think jan.2

just kidding guys

ok... so anybody ordered it yet???

yes, i have directv and just ordered it.