Is Pride trying to upstage ADCC?

Arona vs. Lister How pissed do you think ADCC is that Pride is making this fight fight happen before they do? I think it's great and can't wait to see it. I hope Lister wins but Arona is a bad mofo and I think his size will be the difference in this one.

Arona many times.


I couldn't believe they made that match either! I was LOL'ing when I read that. It definately takes some steam outta their ADCC match but at the same time could add alot of drama and anticipation to it depending on what happens in the fight.

ADCC isnt pissed at all. PRIDE steals a little thunder, but face it, the ADCC is 100 matches, and the SUPERFIGHTS have been lackluster, so it has some hype for PRIDE, but our event doesnt depend on it.

If they can turn down $50,000 to grapple, good for them.

We dont need the match.

I bet one of em gets hurt and pulls out. That's what I'm afraid of.

I agree with MAG, but it really depends on the type of match they have. If there is any bad blood from the Pride match, it will bring mor excitement to the ADCC match.

Of course it someone gets injured..........

We will know on the 24th, or thereabouts.