Is puking bad?


DAYUM - thats alot of sperm!

Okay, how about this:

if you haven't been training for a while and get back into it THAT hard and puke, kudos. You da man. You got balls.

If you're in shape and keep doing it every day like Tito ORtiz allegedly does, that's just fucking stupid. You're gonna have teeth like a fucking British person and have all sorts of vitamin deficiencies.

With regards to puking on a regular basis, it's the acid's in your stomach that will wear away your teeth. Brushing your teeth won't help prevent the acid from killing your teeth. It will help your breath however.

True dat. Nothing wrong with booting once in awhile, but if you're doing it all the time you've either got a really weak stomach or you're overtraining.

Thanks, all.