Is Quibids legit?

All I know is that apparently stuff goes for crazy cheap on there and the commercial chicks are smoking hot. Is it legit? I assume you need to sign up and each bid costs you something? Learn me, OG

Here's the thing, each bids are 1$, when you bid the item goes up 0.01$.

Everytime someone bids, the timer goes up, you can wait at the last second all you want, if you or somebody else bids the timer will go back up.

You will mostly end up having bid wars with richer people than you and will end up empty handed.

It's just a matter of luck if you win something for cheap because auctions keep extending every time someone bids. The fact that you have the option to get your bids back if you just simply buy the item for a retail price means you are just facing other bidders with nothing to lose who are willing to pay full price for the item. It's a complete waste of time.

Go with the gift cards, most people are so preoccupied with the idea of the big box items that the gift cards go unnoticed. Got many Walmart gift cards half price. I'm not sure which bidding site I used but they're all pretty similar. Mine was a type where you buy bids, it's not like eBay. It was like 15 cents a bid and you buy a pack of 100 or so and then go, everytime you bid, you lose 15 cents. It was their way of keeping the prices looking low as long as possible Phone Post 3.0

Yeah the more I watch the auctions on the site the more it seems like a bad idea. The auction basically never runs out until someone stops bidding and they have the Bid O Matic or whatever it's called. Seems like a recipe to lose a ton of money and end up with nothing.