Is Rampage gonna get muayed again?

His obvious weakness is the thai clinch. Eastman is supposedly from a muay thai background. Is Rampage in trouble? Or is Eastman too short to pull it off?

Ummm, I'm not sure Eastman's thai clinch is at the same level as Wandy's or Shogun's...

"Eastman fell off the map for a while, so my vote goes to rampage"

jeenyus Since his loss to Travis Lutter in 2004. Marvin has fought ten times including fights against some tough fighters. Mhy question to you is how is that falling off the map? is it just becase it has been in smaller events.

i think it was rampages third fight.i could be wrong. i got the dvd but i havent watched it in forever.

Rampage should roll in this one