Is Randleman not allowed to .....

Is Randleman not allowed to punch Japanese fan favorites in the face.

Watch his fights against Bas, Rua, Crocop, and Rizzo.

Then, watch his fights against Sak and the Japanese dude last night. Seriously, he didn't throw one hard punch at the guys face last night.

Randleman's definitely a streaky fighter capable of winning and losing, but the fight last night was not legit by any means...

good question. maybe because he is the most inconsistent fighter to ever live.

he might have had to make a deal with the devil

A new angle at the "Japanese fighters = works threads".

Still nonsense.

Nakamura was simply better at standup striking, notice how his right hand never left his face at all, he was wary of the left hook of reandleman.

Added to that nakamura tied him up real good on the bottom so that he couldn't g+p, and everytime that he did let go to punch, nakamura tried to scramble and get up.

Also nakamura has comparable takedown skills and in the clinch they seemed pretty equal with nakamura actually coming out on top when it came to takedowns.

Face facts gentlemen, nakamura was the better fighter skill wise, he may not be muscle bound but he is explosive as hell and a cardio machine.

He def. punched Bas in the face and then spent the rest of the majority of the fight with his face parked on top of Bas' chest.

That kinda is symbolic of his career; brief bursts of explosive performance surrounded by a sea of lacklusterness.

If Randleman was consistent in every other fight other than against his japanese opponents, then your work conspiracies might get more beef but you obviously havent seen them all.

Wimpy man beat big muscles! Me not understand! This not way it supposed to happen!

Has nothing to do with his inconsistencies. He never tried to throw a significant strike the whole fight!

Are some of you saying that Rua's not a better striker than Nakamura? Yet, Randleman threw bombs in that fight.

I agree, Randle is inconsistent, but Nakamura couldn't punch his way out of a wet paper bag. Why wouldn't Randleman bang with him?

The way he hit Nakamura reminded of the Coleman-Takada fight where Takada must have had a bullseye on his shoulder, not face.

Simply put, It didn't look like Randleman had any intention of winning that fight....

In other words the "tomato can" won and you can't comprehend it.