Is Rickson Aware......?

...of places like this website where he is the topic of every third thread? Does he know the mystical cloud that surrounds his name wherever it is muttered? Does he know that his name possesses that aura?

Hickson by armbar.


...and probably couldn't care less

Kirik and Rickson are the same person.

Rickson's BJJ allows him to take any form he desires.

that's what I'm sayin

He knows he beat Bud Smith. And he know THAT'S why he's such a damn legend...

Sitting on his high place, he had the infinate wisdom not to waste his time on those challengers who had no aura. He legend was hence sealed by his two monumental victories over TAKADA.

well i'm surprised that an up and comer hasn't invaded his dojo yet trying to make a name for himself... or even attended a seminar and challenged him on the spot - ala the french guy vs. gracie.

sure they wann do it for money, but wouldn't it be worth it getting recognized as the one who whooped a 50 year old man, who beat the man...

it's because they know they would lose...their greatest fear is that the fight wold get to the ground and they would only last 2:00 minutes...

is Rickson up to 460 now...?

I don't think Rickson pays any attention to any websites or forum about him. Unless something has changed, he doesn't even check emails.

an up and comer wouldn't get next to Rickson in a dojo challenge. Rickson could say "You can't take my star pupil, how can you expect to take me?" and then the star pupil fights for him, right?

It was Japan Vale Tudo (Shooto)who created that record, not Rickson.

When he 1st got introduced it was...."with 398 wins, no defeats"......meant that his win in the final would be the 401st !

Interesting dojo raid story here.

"It was Japan Vale Tudo (Shooto)who created that record, not Rickson."

Well, he certainly seemed to like the idea then, because the record is stated on his official website...

Just as a note: I saw Anjo, the day after the fight with Rickson and he was mashed up. Looked like Rickson made a point of sending a message, so kept hitting, from mount. It was not very nice to see, someone who had a taken a beating, like that.

With regards to Dojo raids, Rickson was the man in Brazil. You do not get to be a teacher over there without proving yourself. There was (fiften years ago)lots of boot leg tapes in Brazil, that I saw, of Rickson taking out all sorts of people, up from street fighters to trained Lutre guys etc. I saw at least three differant tapes of him wreacking people. He took people down, got mount and smashed the person. He has some cool looking throws and was dropping knees on people in the 80's, no gloves etc.

I always saw Rickson as a NHB fighter, rather than a MMA fighter. Having seen the tapes, I would not want to go to the ground with him, he drops some nasty looking elbows and punches. He has the necessary nasty streak to do just fine in NHB matches, and by that I mean he does not stop when your lights go out.##

He's a very cool guy to be around otherwise and is happy to show students his NHB stuff. Lots of people on here either seem to overrate him with hero worship (which I would think, he would hate)or very much under rate him.

I dont know how he would do against todays top fighters but he was top dog, in his time. He is a highly skilled NHB guy, who will bite you nose off from side control, if he has to.

You cannot teach in Brazil, without proving yourself...

Rickson didn't fight Sakuraba because DSE screwed Royler at Pride 8.

"If so, he must know there are a certain number of people who question his courage."

LOL ya i bet it keeps him up at night...especially chubby 16 year old wannabee's.

i can guarantee you anyone of the Gracies does not care what anyone posts here

Rickson never showed up to another Pride event after Royler was screwed. He beat Funaki in Colosseum. If he had beaten Rutten instead, all the Rickson haters would say that Bas was old and that the TK and Randleman fights were suspicious - the same criticisms they give for the Funaki fight.

Rickson can't win.