Is Rob Mchullogh any good

Hey i was just wondering is Rob mchullogh any good our what??

You were at the WFA 3 at the Aladin in Vegas? I was there and that was a damn good card. Eastman K Alex TFO that night for talking smack...

Rob McCullogh is very good! He is training with Colin
Oyama and Team Oyama. With guy's like Tiki, Bao and
the rest of the crew how can he not be good! He just
fought Harris Sarmiento in WEC and was originally
awarded thewin but later the judges reversed the
decision and gave the W for Sarmiento. IMO, Sarmiento
won the fight as he controlled the first 2 rounds.

McCullough is really good. He has kickboxing classes he teaches almost everyday with Tiki over at Iha's HB Ultamite Training Center. Awesome kickboxer, not that good on the ground as others tho.

and whats this shit? his win was taken away and rewarded to his opponent? thats kinda lame.

I think it was right to overturn the decision, if the judge made a mistake. I felt Harris won the fight, he controlled much of the fight, from my memory. It did not seem like either sustained much damege.

Cool Adonis. Peace...