is Rome Total War any good?

I just bought it off eBay for 6 bucks. Saw it got good reviews but wanted to hear what you guys thought.

I know Medieval 2 is the newer version of this. Is it that much better than Rome?

How are the graphics? I don't have a supercomputer, will I be OK?

Rome Total War is teh awesome, but you have to use modifications. I personally like the Rome Total Realism mod. And you don't need a kickass computer to play it.

great game

great, great game. played the hell out of it.

will it cause me to randomly yell, "THIRTEEN!" ?

I did a full campaign in that game (which takes a fucking eternity).

Destroyed Germania. Crushed Gaul. Annihilated Egypt. Turned against the Senate. Took control of Rome. Crippled the Brutii. Got ready to hand out a good old fashioned Roman beatdown to those bastards the Scipii and then... my game crashed, and no matter how much I tried, I couldn't get past this 1 particular turn without it crashing every fucking time.

In the end I had to just give up, having been denied my chance at global domination by the cock sucking piece of shit motherfucking bug. I never had the heart to play it again after that.

Great fucking game. You will spend many many days playing, trust me. This is by far the best strategy game ever made. It has everything, from turn based city and production management, to realistic, beautiful combat. There are excellent expansion packs for it as well. You will not be dissapointed.

Medeival II is a fantastic game with lots of great additions, but it's not fundamentally dif from Rome.

Just remember, never charge your cavalry into a phalanx. Engage them with infantry and flank the shit out of them with the cav. Good archers are your friends.

and unleashing dogs on a city under siege is fun. your dogs die, but the consept of unleashing 5 units of dogs on a city is fun.

dated but still the best total war game hands down

medieval suxed

Unbelievable replay value. I've basically played it maybe 15 hours a week for the past two years and it doesn't get old. Insane unit detail and you get really hooked on tweaking the cities, production and doing all kinds of subversive stuff. Obsession, really.

I used to get into sieging cities, which can be very expensive and time-consuming if they're huge and fortified. Now, I just send in a bunch of assassins to destroy stuff and turn them into rebel holds, which are easier to take. Or you can use diplomacy to force rivals to give you money for peace, then you screw them over by attacking next turn. It's awesome.

My personal favorite was this one troublemaker German warlord. This cat caused me ALL kinds of problems for about 20 years, and escaped several all-out battles and hunts I had on for his ass...finally I got him in a battle and one of my onagers threw this massive boulder and the game showed it flat CRUSHING him dead. Awesome.

this! unlimited replay value. my best campaign was with the Greeks. Conquered all of Greece, Macedonia and had a big chunk of the east. Had several great generals and my king had like 10 stars. My navy was unstoppable. After a 30 year war with the Selucids which ended in their destruction I went after Rome. It was brutal. Each siege I would bring 5-10 onagers and pound the city into dust. I was making almost 70k a turn by then so my goal was to destroy rome, not conquer it. I made it all the way to the gates of Rome itself. The next day the BI patch was released and to my suprise made my Greek campaign unplayable. :( Good times though.

gord where do i get patches?

could be the best six bucks I ever spent?


I paid $50 and it was worth it 100 times over.

go to the total war site ( and click on support. patch 1.5 is the most recent i beleive. it makes a big difference in my opinion in regards to ai and diplomacy.

sweet. I ran into the same lack of challenges you mentioned, and basically play without capturing the final city to reach 50, so I can have fun.